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released September 27, 2015



all rights reserved


BLAHSUM New York, New York

blahsuming hearts and minds

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I've hit rock bottom
Ive hit my soul
old and feeling alone
carry this stone
carry this stone
alone and i moan
expect the known
Its so far its so far

Its so far away from wealth
away from health
away from everything
measuring, severing,leveraging
our time for a memory
dismembering a synapse
time lapse perhaps
if we go now
left my heart on the..
left my heart on cupids crucifix
money in the bag
body in the bed
oh my good oh my bad
loved it so much I never hit it twice though
pop pop cornrows and a bible

To be honest, i cant be my honest with my self,
to be honest

We're not in Kansas anymore
started out with a kiss now she wants more
slime floor and it looks like a thunderstorm
we're in for it
been cold since the cold war
looking worse than 84
lil piggy with the more more more
free me whatd you do that for
my time my time
aint worth a dime
so im so im
a slave from 9 to 5
we gotta get outta this place
if its the last thing we ever do
we gotta get outta this place
girl theres a better place for me and you
Its not gonna work
its not gonna work

its not gonna work
the needle will hurt
the beast with the burden will take all your worth
trapped in the talons that balance the outcomes of thousands
and all the unwanted births
numbers and letters are coming together to symbolize nothing
the buyers and renters are storming the weather to simplify something?

I dont remember a soul that i came in with
Satan im sipping its starting to make me sick
the day that everything started to fade
the day that everything started to fade
everything started to fade
everything started to fade

its not gonna work
feelings get hurt
into the void
completely destroyed
killin the boy
gotten me
plottin the
watchin the
clocking the
simple and sweet
sew what you reap
blackest of sheep
deeper than sleep
(dial turned up to eleven, war chilldren)
with in reach
fix your speech
tuck in your shirt
fuck it it hurts
unbutton ur blouse
into your mouuu
mind body and soul
buy contra
bi culture
thats black white
im single
thats all my own ego
thats all i could honor
my dirtiest thoughts
and my dirtiest sock
I woke up early on my born day and brushed off the placenta

I quickly learned the world would turn without me being present

speck on the earth, I've been dying since my birth,

went to school, went to work, paid my rent on the first

For every prince born there's a thousand crack heads

for every ali-baba there are 40 thieves that back him

life aint always the way its advertised, man is born, man lives and man dies,

he probaby opened his eyes, like once or twice

but mostly avoided the thought of his own life

everyone you love will suffer the same fate

so keep on complaining about the way that dinner tastes

cuz sometimes it feels like these walls are closing in

whats the point of a beginning if you have to have an end

I could tell you why, but it would be the biggest lie

the point is there is none, lifes a bitch and then you die.

i wokeup, late on a tuesday questioned getting dressed and

used to be a blessin, that essence of adolescence

now i'm second guessing my presence, destined to flesh and

bone, kings dethroned, addicts in the same vein gone,

to the great unknown, my empire of dirt, this kingdom of ashes and dust,

minds rust, eyes crust, brains rot, cum blood mucus and snot

25 years never sober, happy that it's almost over

spent my days in'a haze shootin the bull, where the buffalo roam

worlds eating at my soul, momma cries with heavy moans,

i hear my momma cries with heavy moans

die now be a martyr

die later, you suffer harder

that's why I rock my Jc to the salinger

markin my days, by throwing x's at the calender

whoever told you it only gets better fuckin lied

cuz lifes a bitch and then you DIE
Track Name: POND WATER
it's become very obvious
that you hate my guts
everything sucks wtf
im on the edge and im about to give up
bugs crawl out the corner of my eye
20 missed calls
am i still alive
good question, i don't know the answer tho
count my blessings after all
im just an animal
paper tiger, ever wonder why we're still here?
futures uncertain end is always clear
throw me to the dogs
let em pick my bones
he's from a neighborhood of good people, nice homes
he's a hard worker
she's a hard worker
whoopty fuckin' doo
they would make great servants
it might be the devil,it may be the lord
but it's one nation under god
plus more and more and more

who owns the guy,
that owns the guy
that owns you?
step out of line
and see who controls you
can you feel the freedom?
it's drippin from my blood
can you feel the freedom?
it's dripping from my blood

speaking of substance, on a substance
feelin like a monk or a monkey
37 virgins in heaven
pure uncut
the sky gets moist

the grass gets wet
he says everything is gonna be okay
he puts up his thumb, he says okay
she gets numb
he said, did you hear me? did you hear me?

what's worse your fear of falling or flying
i can't stop that dagger
the feelings right, the feelings nine
im feeding fine
i got that line
im 8 pounds straight
im 8 pounds late
thats a healthy rate
im left throwin up
im left throwin guts
out my fkin organs
mind bound by sex and whiskey
and all that was crafted with grandmas hands
ive been goddamm so long down that i don't know what's up
got it all down, how bout whats up
yea, i shook hands with a snake or two
i do some donts, I dont some dos
inhale so the smoke gets deep
you want my soul, it wont coem cheap
we live our lives thru bloodshot eyes dont criticize the way i think
to my surprise i have survived, but my life aint mine to keep
just a touch, never enough
i was caught in the blood
i was caught in the guts
from the underbelly to the upper crust
runnuponya family with the machine guns
yankee doodle dandy and i watch em run
why you make believe its not corrupt
while I'm out here getting drunk as fuck
why am i out here getting drunk as fuck?

Sick to my stomach, the shit that they come up with
I wish somebody told it like it is
I'm sick to my stomach, i think they're gonna have to pump it
wish it wasnt like that but it is

fool me once, gonna fool me again
got no legs so im swimin out the egg
eyes over easy mouth is fried
throw some salt open wide
im good
just need some
agua agua agua
onion tears and holy water
sippin holy spirits
witches brew, fire power
round and round the why?
i get high and dwell
i get high and dwell
if you cant tell
ive been swappin face
with young heathen
fire breathin
flesh eatin diva,
demons from eden
now their feedin
aint never levain
im keyd in
ohh have a soul
let me go
let me go

Sick to my stomach, the shit that they come up with
I wish somebody told it like it is
I'm sick to my stomach, i think they're gonna have to pump it
wish it wasnt like that but it is
Jesus save me from this hell Ive made on earth
save us from this hell that i deserve
save me from myself i am the worst
and i know it

guessin I deserve this
stomach burnin off tha fifth (bleach)
a dirty cold beach (biatch)
a life on mars
a haunted mansion with the lights on, on,on
fuck the life you live and the curb it dies on
it's no hope no hope no hope
how ya gonna cope
heaven for the climate, hell is for the company
always jumpin tha punchin tha crunchin tha blue
used to hide behind my smile too chewin on mommies burnt stew
i was around when jesus was in a pain and doubt too
nuthin neww

gimme a sign
we need a mircale
days unwind
nights im a criminal
tell me the story of the burning land
tell me the story of the working man
poison pusher peddling another dream
and now your pushing it pushing it pushing it on me
and i dont want that shit
all my life i been building your pyramids

sick machines and dirty dogs everywhere
get down on yoru knees you dont need to blled to make a prayer
when you bare the cross with a pain pill, does it fell teh same still?
can it be the angels just all feel me?
can it be can it be?
or is the devil just a damn good dancer
everybody's waiting for you, whats your final answer?

Jesus save us from this hell we've made on earth
save us from this hell that we deserve
save us from ourselves we are the worst
and we know it

sit back wit'a smirk
actin like it's all gone work
after the laughter
like this couldnt happen to you
thinkin im a mess up like i couldnt play dress up
you dirty kiss up, i couldnt play pretend
in this pill poppin population
hail your personal satan
how you gone capture the rapture click click
cut it cut it

Dont you lie to me, you dont know who you are
i been the same since the backseat of my moms car
park bench prophet, no he never made it
not a dime to his name, no he was never famous
he said be afraid, you should be very afraid
there's all types of ways you can spend the ;last days
theres a stairway to heaven and highway to hell
i got the devil in the backseat comon Jesus take the wheel

Jesus save us from this hell we've made on earth
save us from this hell that we deserve
save us from ourselves we are the worst
we know
Track Name: IS IT TRUE?
i heard alotta shit about you say it aint true burn a bridge to
all eyes on you whatchu gonna do is it true? is it true?
can i change my mind if i decide that i liek teh light instead of
the darkness that surrounds us gags and bounds us and sucks us dry
im dead up
dead up
now im out here all alone stoned out of my fucking mind
begging her to come back home but i think shes gone this time
how many people can you fool
ready set go i wanna be invisible
lemme let go i wanna be invincible
ready set go i wanna be
let go i wanna be invincible

what happens when they find out
they find doubt
scratch off sticker identifying skew
scraps off the tables of mechanical structures
pretty corrupted portraits incorporated pixels
touch it twice these egos explode
as the vomit melts
and i corrode
like acid batteries in the rusted toads lips
a blemish on your diamonds wrist
that squanders your resistance
on true/borderless less plagues playing grounds
they are anononmous to me
aint no sense to me
no sensory
and it bubbles and sizzles
capture the title
title the caption
the rapture is idol
from the boom bap to the knapsack
form the champagne shower to the blood bath
been a damn 8 hours since the comeback
came in the room screaming whats that
its me motherfugger
i dont know which one it is
coordinate my belly ribs
stones and sticks and bones and kids
more bad news looking imminent
i think im tryna give a shit
one of these days im bound to trip

off this plateau
off this spinning rock
space laced with time
space laced with time

say hey kids
wanna take this
808 hits
6 second clips
knock out vids
88 bits
high speed wireless porno flicks
thats one step for man kind
but you do it cuz ur blind
do it for the do it for do it for the
time and time again i had to tell'm that i am the worse
from the top of the buildin
to the bottom of the street of a chinatown floor
shake your ass and watch yourself
matter fact
just watch yourself & watch yourself

off this plateau
off this spinning rock
space laced with time
space laced with time

rude boy til i die or get paid off
sell myself short and die for a lame cause
seen the promise land in a picture book
read the fine print it said "made ya look"
singing doo wha diddy shimmy shimmy ya chiddy bang bang
wha ta ta ta, wha ta ta ta tang tang
listen to that 9 mm go bang bang
listen to that 9 mm go bang bang
sippin on that hemlock
like im at a restaurant
you could pray we're gonna stop
but we're never ever ever gonna stop
oh my goddd, i just keep getting older
fuck a penny for my thoughts there worth at least a quarter million

off this plateau
off this spinning rock
space laced with time
space laced with time

two dark holes in my nose
many black holes in the universe
califlower bones
melancholic soul
rods & cones
thru the eyes of a
dra dra drone
one time two time 3 times
rock socks till they knee-hi
the dumb
are mostly intrigued by the drum
gucci louis louis fuck you
basic bitches at the thrift store
thats why i enter thru the gift shop & exit thru the moma
girl we could OD and slip into a coma
who's equal were all evil
my cousin nel got bit by a rat today
with two hits im livin proof whiteys still on the moon
5 percenters
shoutouts my whole zulu nation
im baked watchin hulu naked
girl you lookin good and ready
why you tryin, save it

off this plateau
off this spinning rock
space laced with time
space laced with time
aint nobody give a fuck about you
aint nobody wanna hear about you
aint nobody wanna get involved with the small talk
so stop, nobody here for you
aint nobdy care it's a rat race
used to be scared
now i don't waste time, fine
im doing fine, oh so swell

hold my hand, stare at the sun, and the knives in my back are in teh shadows
whats the plan? why was this done? he wore a turtle neck to the gallows.
Call th eplug, and grab a couple fixes
prolly scratch a couple itches
ye ai got involved with a couple bitches
you should mind your fuckin business
filling buildings with livestsock
nobody listens so why talk
spttin wisdom on your high horse
are you thick-skinned? whatchu lie for?
I donno, im writing the words of a sermon, that no one will hear
no one comes near, theres nobody there
all the lonely people where do they all come from
all the lonely people where do they all belong

aint nobody give a fuck about you
aint nobody wanna hear about you

haven't heard a good band in a few years
ain't seen a good film in a few months
haven't met a bad bitch until i left you
scoop the lotus and blow my nose
stub my toe on a dirty rose
even moses hit that rock twice
even mosses gotta test that vice
your sugars gettin salty
you don't take cream in your coffee
like, what is love?
ridin shotgun two glocks in the glove
tube socks theres a snub
backup up
right about there
when things got weird (weird)
momma had a baby and the head popped off
weak little mind with you dirty little pretty little thoughts
you could put the 9 between your eyes and blow away

aint nobody give a fuck about you
aint nobody hear about you